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 Kidney disease is a very complex condition and finding a right treatment for yourself is a key to live a full life with it. Kidney Service China offers you the latest treatment for kidney disease. We work with hundreds of kidney disease experts. If you have interests in one of the following treatment, we can help to recommend the experts who are specialized on it.


  • Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the

    Date:2017-02-05 09:22:08

    Kidney is a topic of great concern, many people feel that the lack of kidney, but also do not go to the hospital to confirm, they began to make up for their own, a variety of methods are exhausted, but the situation has not improved. What i...

  • Do kidney disease patients have no swelling need limit salt

    Date:2014-09-24 17:43:48

    Kidney disease patients who have swelling should limit their salt and water intake,and it seems already become a common sense for them. However,these days many patients ask me: I have kidney disease,but have no swelling,should I limit salt...

  • Diet for those who have high level of creatinine

    Date:2014-09-21 17:40:14

    Salt intake It is important for high creatinine patients to have low salt diet. Their salt intake should no more than 3g. Dont eat high potassium diet. Potassium content of common food are as follows: The common food which contain more than...

  • Micro herbal medicine to decline creatinine

    Date:2014-09-15 16:51:24

    Serum creatinine is a normal kind of metabolism products of our body. When get kidney disease,especially if get into the stage of will lose its function of discharging toxin,then serum creatinine cant be discharged out of body. As a result,...

  • Better treatment to decline your high level of creatinine

    Date:2014-08-15 17:33:26

    If your creatinine level is high,it means your renal function is damaged. Specific reasons: Renal function insufficiency people get infected(cold,pneumonia,intestinal infection.etc.);renal disease patients have drugs which can damage kidney...

  • The content of the blood pollution treatment

    Date:2014-03-18 14:31:25

    The unique feature of treating kidney disease is to change treatment thoughts of western medicines, we dont follow with drugs to deal with types of inflammation to eliminate the disease. We achieve the purpose to cure the kidney disease by...

  • “Joint and remove stasis”+“Element and Blood”

    Date:2014-03-15 17:09:32

    Joint and remove stasis+element and bloodcomprehensive therapy is the new scheme of kidney disease treatment which is the experts synthesize previous kidney disease treatment experience and summarize many years clinical practical exploratio...

  • Continuous renal replacement therapy

    Date:2014-03-15 17:08:19

    The definition of continuous renal replacement therapy: it is a blood purification treatment technology which is continuously and slowly eliminating water and solute through extracorporeal circulation blood purification to replace renal fun...

  • Plasma adsorption

    Date:2014-03-13 14:45:58

    Plasma adsorption, after drawing out the blood, firstly enter plasma separator and put the formed element and plasma separated, formed element return to body, plasma entered into separator eliminating some certain substance, after adsorbing...

  • Medicine enema

    Date:2014-03-12 18:23:04

    Boil the medicine which has the function of making people diarrhea into soup. And then make patients on a high position and irrigate the medicine soup into patients body. This will eliminate the poison in gut. The theory According to irriga...

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