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 Kidney disease is a very complex condition and finding a right treatment for yourself is a key to live a full life with it. Kidney Service China offers you the latest treatment for kidney disease. We work with hundreds of kidney disease experts. If you have interests in one of the following treatment, we can help to recommend the experts who are specialized on it.


  • Osmotherapy therapy for the 3 stage with creatinine 197

    Date:2017-05-23 11:57:06

    Osmotherapy therapy for stage 3 chronic kidney disease with creatinine 197 and GFR 56 I was diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease and my creatinine test says its 197 and GFR 56. Im also anemic and I have high blood pressure that is...

  • Natural treatment of 4 stage of CKD with creatinine 580

    Date:2017-05-23 11:41:46

    Natural treatment of the 4th stage of CKD with creatinine 580. Chronic kidney disease has five stages. As the chronic kidney disease develops, the kidney function decreases. Whats about creatinine 580 in the 4th stage of CKD? What do we nee...

  • Why does nausea and hyperkalemia occur in CKD?

    Date:2017-05-23 11:29:25

    Why does Nausea and hyperkalemia occur in CKD? Chronic kidney disease (CKD) consists of five stages. There are many symptoms of patients with CKD. Why does nausea and hyperkalemia occur in CKD? And what should we do for CKD? Follow our desc...

  • Natural treatment of the 4 stage of CKD with high Creatinine

    Date:2017-05-23 11:21:26

    There is natural treatment of Stage 4 CKD with a high level of Creatinine. For patients in Stage 4 CKD, they are all at an advanced stage. For them, the kidneys are seriously damaged. Therefore, the natural treatment of the fourth stage of...

  • Alternative treatment of chronic kidney disease

    Date:2017-05-22 17:17:14

    Alternative treatment of chronic kidney disease .Chronic kidney disease is a fire-resistant disease that progresses over time. When the disease develops to the final stage, dialysis or kidney transplantation will be necessary. However, with...

  • Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy

    Date:2017-05-20 17:49:05

    What is Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an improvement and innovation of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM). TCM has the advantages of durable effects and few side effects, however it takes long ti...

  • Blood Purification Therapy

    Date:2017-05-20 17:48:16

    Blood techniques for treatment of kidney disease Blood purification is a method that help to clear harmful substances away from blood through a purification devices outside the body. For an individual with kidney problem, because of impaire...

  • Traditional Chinese medicines (TCM)

    Date:2017-05-20 17:45:25

    What are the Advantages of Traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) Traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) have thousands of years history in China and it is the precious heritage of Chinese culture.It has great advantages compared with Western tre...

  • Blood Pollution Therapy

    Date:2017-05-20 17:44:05

    What is blood pollution therapy? It is a great breakthrough in treating kidney disease. As its name indicates, blood pollution therapy starts from treating patients polluted blood instead of kidney lesion, when it is used to treat kidney di...

  • "Four 'One'"Chinese Traditional Treatment

    Date:2017-05-20 17:39:25

    4M Treatment in our hospital include Mai Kang Mixture, Medicinal Soup, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Medical Foot Bath. 4M Treatment is our unique therapy. According to our special diagnosis and treatments, it can be mainly divided...

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