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How to treat moon face induced by hormone?

2017-11-22 11:11

Sweet, is the most beautiful taste for people. Because cells love sugar, glucose in the blood is the most basic source of energy for the body. And give the human body this sweet gift, it is - corticosteroids.

How to relieve the full moon face of kidney disease patients during taking hormones?

Reduce the use of long-acting hormones, the drug can easily induce full moon face, not recommended long-term use. Prednisone induced full moon face the possibility of smaller, more suitable. Methylprednisolone is slightly more likely to induce a full moon face than strong prednisone, but its immunosuppressive action is strong and it is also easy to reach the site of the lesion and may be used as appropriate.

Reduce the hormone dose, reduce the amount of hormone reduction, the effect is not enough and what to do? Some immunosuppressants can be used.

With traditional Chinese medicine, hormonal symptoms, belong to syndrome of hyperactivity of Yang due to yin deficiency. Clinical cooperation with orally zhibai dihuang pills,  Jade Maid Decoction, Yiguan Jian, etc, can eliminate the side effects of hormonal drugs. Chinese medicine can not only eliminate the hormone dependence caused by adrenal cortex atrophy, prevent edema, hypertension, hyperlipidemia.  Nourishing yin and clearing heat, TCM also has a role - to eliminate obesity, full moon face.

Selectively eat, exercise, low fat, low sugar, high vitamin diet we all know, and eat more foods can eliminate swelling and remove dampness through diuresis, such as benincasa hispida, corn, bean sprouts and so on. Exercise is also important. Mainly take more face activities, such as chewing gum.

Also wash your face with cold water can accelerate the decomposition of fat, help face recovery.

How to treat moon face induced by hormone?

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