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Characteristics of urinary tract infection in elderly women

2017-11-22 11:09

Urinary tract infection is recurrent and difficult to be cured. It often occurs ten times or even dozens of times in a year. The reason is that in addition to the elderly women's own physiological characteristics are easy to suffer from the disease, more importantly, the current clinical treatment, doctors rely on experience to select antibiotics, and urine bacterial culture and bacterial drug susceptibility testing takes five days before the results can not immediately guide the doctor the right choice of antibiotics, resulting in irregular application, the emergence of a large number of resistant strains, resulting in delay of treatment.

It’s easy to accompany with psychological barriers. Urinary tract infections in elderly women are easy to develop, persistent and refractory, coupled with a lot of symptoms, after a long time, more or less cause a certain degree of psychological obstacles on patients. Such as unwilling to go out, fear of social contact, depressed, stubborn insomnia, and even have the idea of tired of living and commit suicide, seriously affecting the quality of life of patients.

Many symptoms. This is because in addition to frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, fatigue in patients with urinary tract infection in elderly women, backache and other basic symptoms, due to long-term use of antibiotics, intestinal dysbacteriosis and decreased appetite, stomach bloating, diarrhea or constipation and other symptoms. More women after menopause prone to urethral orifice dry, endless urination, abdominal distension after urination, or even urinary incontinence and many other symptoms, causing great pain to patients.

Many complications. The resistance of the old is weak, for some nephrotoxic drugs prone to renal failure, coupled with the elderly there are some high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases, so in the urinary tract infection acute attack period, easily lead to sepsis, septic shock and other serious complications, in addition to easy complicated by chronic renal failure, renal papillary necrosis and other serious complications and life-threatening.

Characteristics of urinary tract infection in elderly women

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