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How can nephritis of purpura nephritis be prevented from wor

2017-10-24 17:08

The occurrence of purpura nephritis is an obvious sign of the change of the condition of purpura nephritis. Many patients will have some psychological pressure, and the continued deterioration of the disease will lead to death. After the illness, it is necessary to find out the disease as soon as possible, to avoid the deterioration of the disease is an effective way to reduce the risk. So, how can nephritis of purpura nephritis be prevented from worsening?

How can nephritis of purpura nephritis be prevented from worsening:

Medication time: purpura nephritis nephritis patients taking the time should have certain rules, don't sleep until noon after taking drugs, the daily morning finally at around eight points to take, it can reduce the inhibitory effect of drugs on the adrenal cortex. With the changes in the condition, the dosage should be gradually adjusted.

Prevention of colds: winter is the high incidence of influenza, at this time, purpura nephritis nephritis patients should pay more attention to keep warm. If you don't get a cold, you need to go through the doctor's permission to take the medicine. You usually choose some proprietary Chinese medicines for treatment. On the one hand, the side effects are small; on the other hand, there is no heavy burden on the kidneys.

Diet nursing care: during treatment in patients with Henoch Schonlein purpura nephritis nephritis should eat some high calorie and high vitamin high protein food, patients should adhere to a daily drink milk, to enhance their immunity is very helpful.

If the patient can do these things positively, it is easier to recover as soon as possible. At the same time, after the disease is also necessary to treat the correct treatment, only through effective treatment and good nursing work can be cured as soon as possible.


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