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Treatment of purpura nephritis by diet

2017-08-28 16:26

In fact, many patients with purpura nephritis do not know, in addition to the clinical treatment of purpuric nephritis, but also can be used to treat nephrotic treatment of purpura nephritis, then the specific treatment of purpura nephritis diet method which?

Treatment of purpura nephritis diet

(1) Lithospermum jujube soup: need Lithospermum 50g, jujube 30g, add water, amount of decoction, eat soup soup. Applicable to allergic purpura nephritis is a hot blood.

(2) peanut clothing red dates soup: peanut clothing 30g, red dates 15g, Codonopsis 25g. Water decoction, eat soup, 1 day. Applicable to patients with purpura nephritis is not blood.

(4) rabbit meat stewed red dates: fresh rabbit 250g, red dates 50g, the amount of brown sugar. Will be free meat washed, cut, with red dates, brown sugar were put into the pot water stew cooked, 2 times served. Applicable to allergic purpura nephritis.

(5) stew small carp: take carp 1, to the scales and internal organs, the herb, Atractylodes 24g, green salt 36g put the fish belly, drying, grinding powder filling, eating a little salt with salt. Can be dampness spleen, diuretic swelling. Applicable to the spleen and slightly edema.

(6) small red dates stew turtle meat: take a turtle (about 150 ~ 250g), red dates 15. First with boiling water hot turtle, so that row of urine, cut off the head claws, remove the internal organs, washed with red dates with cooked rotten, boneless and jujube after eating. Every 3 days served 1 times, 3 times in a row. Applicable to purpura nephritis is Yin Huo-wang who see lower extremity purpura and hematuria, with hand, foot and heart heat, dry mouth drink, dry stool, red tongue less pressure, pulse breakdown.

Above for the treatment of Henoch-Schonlein purpura nephritis is only an effective protection of rehabilitation, but the real improvement also depends on the treatment of regular nephropathy hospital. Xiao Bian remind you: due to the differences in the condition of each patient, before using the relevant experts to conduct a detailed consultation.

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