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Purpura nephritis treatment program

2017-08-28 16:25

We are very clear that the arrival of purpuric nephritis to people's lives has brought serious impact, then what is the treatment of purpuric nephritis? As long as we understand the problem, the treatment of purpura nephritis is not a problem, and now we will follow Experts to understand the treatment of patients with purpura nephritis what.

The pathogenesis of purpuric nephritis is due to immune complex deposition in the glomerular mesangial area, resulting in glomerular basement membrane damage, resulting in long-term leakage of occult blood or protein, so if not timely repair damaged glomerular basement membrane, Can be repeated over time, increase the body and kidney microvascular disease, will continue to affect the function of the kidneys, will inevitably go to renal dysfunction and even uremia.

1 gastrointestinal symptoms can be used antispasmodic drugs, if necessary, fasting and infusion.

2, adrenal cortex hormones on gastrointestinal, joint symptoms have a mitigation effect on the rash and kidney effect is not large, can be used or oral cortisone loose intravenous drip.

3. For gastrointestinal bleeding, joint pain has a good effect, but the occurrence of allergic purpura nephritis is not ideal.

4. In patients with membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis or hypertensive patients, immunosuppressive agents can be used in combination with hormones.

I believe we read the article's detailed description of the treatment of purpura nephritis are clear what, suffering from purpura nephritis as soon as possible to the regular hospital treatment, so that a professional doctor for their own disease to develop their own treatment, Do not procrastinate, so as to avoid exacerbations.

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