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 The kidneys are a pair of organs located in the back of the abdomen. Each kidney is about 4 or 5 inches long -- about the size of a fist.The kidneys' function are to filter the blood. All the blood in our bodies passes through the kidneys several times a day. The kidneys remove wastes, control the body's fluid balance, and regulate the balance of electrolytes.

  • What are the early diagnostic criteria for diabetic nephropa

    Date:2017-06-26 17:34:08

    Diabetic nephropathy is a common and multiple complication of diabetes. Is one of the most serious complications of diabetes, early diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy, timely treatment, diabetic nephropathy can be reversed. So what is the ea...

  • Is diabetic nephrosis swollen how to return a responsibility

    Date:2017-06-26 17:23:27

    From a clinical point of view, no matter what type of diabetes, the incidence of diabetic nephropathy with the duration of the increase, duration of more than 5 years, the incidence of diabetic nephropathy will reach about 50%. Therefore, e...

  • What kind of antidiabetic drugs should be used in diabetic n

    Date:2017-06-26 17:17:09

    Diabetic nephropathy is one of the most common complications of diabetes, control of good blood sugar can delay the progression of the disease, commonly used hypoglycemic agents have oral sulfonylurea drugs, biguanide drugs, glucosidase inh...

  • Doctors:Dialysis options for advanced diabetic nephropathy

    Date:2017-06-26 17:10:35

    Can not be used for renal transplantation in advanced diabetic nephropathy, no ambulatory continuous peritoneal dialysis effect better than hemodialysis. Consider the peritoneal dialysis solution of glucose is partially absorbed, the applic...

  • Tpngshantang:How much is the danger of diabetic nephropathy?

    Date:2017-06-26 17:01:56

    How much is the danger of diabetic nephropathy? Many patients know that diabetic nephropathy may lead to uremia, but in the end why can lead to uremia, diabetes, the harm is not very clear. In fact, diabetic nephropathy is not only cause da...

  • Expert:Stem Cell Transplantation for Diabetic Nephropathy

    Date:2017-06-26 16:54:48

    Got the diabetic nephropathy do not be afraid, the modern medical level is very high, and certainly can use the best way to treat the patients condition, so that patients with pain relief, to patients with a good gospel, which makes patient...

  • Experts:Why does diabetic kidney disease bring about lumbago

    Date:2017-06-26 16:50:20

    Diabetic nephropathy is a common kidney disease. Then you know that daily life, diabetic nephropathy why can lead to low back pain? Diabetic patients with common renal damage include: diabetic glomerulosclerosis, renal artery atherosclerosi...

  • Expert:Most of the prognosis of diabetic nephropathy is bad

    Date:2017-06-26 16:39:20

    Diabetes treatment experts say that because of diabetic nephropathy is a chronic disease, so clinical symptoms appear late. Generally appear urinary protein, the course of more than 10 years, so the prognosis of diabetic nephropathy most of...

  • Diabetic nephropathy hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis

    Date:2017-06-26 16:33:19

    Diabetic nephropathy is a diabetic metabolic abnormalities caused by glomerular sclerosis, diabetes is one of the common microvascular complications, but also one of the major causes of death in diabetic patients. In recent years, the incid...

  • How does diabetic nephrosis treat not to hurt kidney?

    Date:2017-06-26 16:28:39

    Usually, the incidence of diabetes mellitus 5 to 10 years, the patient will appear varying degrees of proteinuria symptoms, and may be associated with systemic systemic microvascular disease such as fundus lesions, this time according to th...

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Getting Rid Of Dialysis For Patient With Stage 5 Ki

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