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what does protein in urine mean for diabetics?how to treat

2017-11-05 16:34

Diabetic proteinuria means you have a protein in your urine, and in most cases, if there is no effective treatment, the protein will repeatedly appear in the urine. Therefore, patients should have a detailed understanding of what diabetic proteinuria means. How to treat it?.

Why does kidney failure have diabetic albuminuria?

The main reason for proteinuria is that there are problems with electrolytes and filtration barriers, that is, you have a kidney problem. Although proteinuria does not have any pain in the patient, it is a problem with renal function, so patients need to try to repair kidney disease and restore kidney function.

Detoxification treatment is to remove toxins and will order from the body abandoned a therapy, because the blood of toxins and waste deposits may be harmful to the diseased kidney cells and tissues, the toxin deposition will not only cause further damage to the kidney, and reduces the efficiency of other treatments.

In a healthy and clean environment, natural therapies can most effectively repair and restore diseased kidneys.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a method to restore renal function. There are many herbs in this therapy, and herbs are refined into powder to improve their efficiency. Use herbs and advanced equipment for external application, through the extension of the blood vessels, promote blood back to the circle, restore the inflammatory and blood coagulation, release oxygen and ischemia, adjust blood pressure, provide adequate blood pressure, kidney disease and restore renal function recovery. Blood, oxygen and kidney nutrients. As a result, the diseased kidneys can be gradually repaired. Then, with the improvement of kidney function, proteinuria will be fundamentally restored.

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