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What symptoms indicate diabetes complications?

2017-09-25 15:44

Diabetes is a chronic disease, the course is relatively long, generally more than 10 years of history of patients, there will be a certain degree of complications. Sugar friends who should observe the abnormal situation of the body, and timely regular inspection, or complications are not good to find.

Common complications of diabetes:

Diabetic nephropathy - Urine test urine protein positive

Urine protein continued positive that renal tissue glomerular filtration effect is damaged, leading to leakage of protein with the urine, indicating the occurrence of diabetic nephropathy. So sugar friends must be done every six months on a regular urine test and renal function tests to early detection and early treatment.

What symptoms indicate diabetes complications?
What symptoms indicate diabetes complications?

Diabetic fundus lesions - depending on the material is unclear

This is one of the most serious complications of diabetes. There are two main cases:

First, the retina lesions, is caused by diabetic retinal capillary wall injury, coupled with the blood was hypercoagulable state, resulting in vision loss, severe or even blind. The more serious the patient's condition, the older, the higher the risk of disease.

Second, cataracts, occur in young people, mostly for the eyes of the disease, the rapid development; also occurs in the elderly who will speed up the lens turbidity.

Diabetic foot disease - foot skin color changes

If your feet look white, feels cold, and the foot color becomes dark purple, indicating that the foot in hypoxia, ischemia. Sugar if there is severe foot ischemia, is the foot of the lesion signal.

In addition, patients with dizziness, headache, facial tightness and other symptoms should be alert to vascular disease; if the body numbness at night, especially obvious symptoms at night, to guard against neurological diseases and so on.

With the increase in the number of diabetic patients, diabetic nephropathy has now become the second cause of end-stage renal disease, second only to glomerulonephritis. Diabetic nephropathy patients should pay attention to the above symptoms, if it appears, please go to the hospital in time to avoid exacerbations.

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