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These three kinds of meat, diabetes nephropathy should eat l

2017-09-19 16:48

"Can nephrosis patient eat meat? What kind of meat can i eat?" It has always been a topic of great concern to people. After all, meat is so delicious that you can't eat without saying it, and you can't stand anyone who puts it down at one thirty. But patients with kidney disease should still pay attention to the intake of meat, especially those with diabetic nephropathy. In itself, there is a high blood sugar, coupled with kidney damage caused by various functions decline, in the meat should pay more attention to this matter. The following three kinds of meat, sugar kidney patients still eat less good:

These three kinds of meat, diabetes nephropathy should eat less, but many people do not know

Pig's trotters, pork stomach and liver

When it comes to pig's trotters, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is rich in collagen and has a anti-aging effect. It is a very good cosmetic food. Diabetic nephropathy itself has metabolic abnormalities, usually accompanied by high blood pressure and high blood lipids and other complications, coupled with kidney damage, a variety of functional abnormalities. If the patient intake of these foods containing high cholesterol, can not timely metabolism of harmful substances out of the body, it is easy to induce atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases risk.

Bacon, bacon, sausage and other meat products

Patients with kidney disease should adhere to a low salt diet, the maximum intake of salt 5g per day, and if there is edema and urinary protein and so on, but also need to halve. These three kinds of processed meat products have very high salt content, and the salt content of meat products per 100 grams is about 2g. In addition to other staple foods and vegetables in the salt, a day's intake of salt is very easy to exceed the standard.

For patients with sugar and kidney, on the one hand, eating too much salt is likely to cause changes in blood pressure, on the other hand it will aggravate proteinuria, edema, and will affect the effectiveness of some drugs for the treatment of urinary protein. In addition, the sausage production process may also add some preservatives, pigments and other substances, are detrimental to the health of the body.


Ordinarily chicken cholesterol is relatively low, patients can be appropriate to eat. But is heart-shaped containing cholesterol and fat high, excessive intake will increase the lipid metabolism in diabetic patients, effects of elevated blood sugar, is not conducive to the protection of renal function.

In fact, the above kind of meat, ordinary people should also eat less, and occasionally eat a good, long-term eating will also increase the burden on the kidneys.

Sugar kidney patients can choose to eat some cholesterol, less fat meat, such as black bone chicken, duck meat, beef and other meat, when it is best to stew based, less salt, light based, so rest assured that eating.

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