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2017 newest diabetic nephropathy treatment guidelines

2017-09-10 11:18

According to the newest servey, more and more people are suffering diabetec now, as well as diabetic nephropathy. Diabetic nephropathy's common onset group are elder, then, what are the diabetic nephropathy treatment guidelines?

diabetic nephropathy treatment guidelines

1. Diet treatment: with the develope of people's living, diet are more rich now.We must pay attention to diet, especially in diabetic patients. For patients with edema and diabetic nephropathy, to limit the intake of sodium, the protein intake should be small and fine. Diabetic nephropathy in patients with different causes, diet restrictions will be different, the patient under the guidance of a regular doctor to conduct a scientific and reasonable diet.
2. Medicne treatment: Diabetic patients can oral hypoglycemic agents, if the diet has been unable to control diabetic nephropathy, then it should be timely to the regular hospital for systemic treatment. Our hospital treatment of diabetic nephropathy is the traditional Chinese medicine therapy, mainly use  traditional Chinese medicine to repair the damaged kidney, the therapy can not only treat diabetic nephropathy, but also the treatment of chronic kidney disease, so that many patients with chronic kidney disease haven hope for full recovery.
The above is the 2017 newest diabetic nephropathy treatment guidelines, for reference only. The most important for treatment of diabetic nephropathy is to find a suitable complete treatment program, the only way to faster and better treatment of diabetic nephropathy. In daily life, we must pay attention to bad eating habits, so as not to suffer from kidney disease.




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