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There are 10 kinds of situations, sugar friends quickly test

2017-08-25 17:10

Blood glucose monitoring, diabetes treatment is a key step, pay close attention to blood glucose in patients with diabetes mellitus can guide medication, exercise, diet and other aspects. But every day several times to measure blood glucose? How to measure? Is measured before, after or before measuring the value of blood sugar test? How much is well controlled. This makes a series of problems many people with diabetes have a headache. Let Xiaobian points to you about diabetes self testing blood sugar notes, and sugar friends will check blood sugar in ten cases.

There are 10 kinds of situations, sugar friends quickly test blood sugar

1, thirst is thirst. The typical symptoms of high blood sugar, high blood sugar and water body are likely to cause diabetes thirsty symptoms. If diabetes patients according to medication or insulin, suddenly thirsty, always want to drink, the best or the first measurement of blood glucose, find out what is the cause of thirst.

2, strong sense of hunger strikes. Many patients with diabetes that hungry stomach when there may be hypoglycemia. In fact, some insulin resistance in patients with high blood glucose, but not by the body will produce hunger. Therefore, I feel particularly hungry must first check the blood sugar.

3, feel inexplicable fatigue. It is understood that the blood glucose fluctuations, patients prone to fatigue. Therefore, patients with diabetes if you feel exhausted, sleepy, you should take your blood sugar, so as not to cause ketoacidosis and acute events.

4, before driving. Due to high blood sugar is too low, it may cause diabetes dizziness, tremor and so on, so the best driving patients before driving one measuring blood glucose. Low blood sugar can have some soup, 15 minutes after a normal driving; if the blood sugar is high, the most good or not to drive.

5, suddenly temper becomes worse. It is understood that when people are low blood sugar easily anxious, irritable, flustered, sweating, hunger, etc., if the diabetic inexplicable temper worse, sweating, it is best to check the blood sugar

6, psychological pressure increases. When the family events, work pressure surge, the psychological burden of patients with diabetes will increase blood glucose levels, it is difficult to maintain at a stable level. Therefore, the greater the pressure, the more "live" to measure blood sugar, frequently more than usual.

7, slept very heavy. Some patients sleep deep, high or low blood sugar are not what feeling, can not wake up. Such patients if recent blood sugar is not stable, the best family set an alarm clock, in the middle of the night to measure time, to prevent the occurrence of adverse events.

8, busy. Busy work makes the blood glucose fluctuation, plus a busy easy to forget the measurement of blood glucose is more dangerous. So, in patients with diabetes, even if the work is busy, also want to set an alarm clock to remind yourself to measure blood sugar.

9, exercise plan. Early treatment of diabetes exercise is one of the "five carriages", which can control blood glucose stable. However, exercise can make blood sugar rise and then fall short, or even lower. So, in the development of diabetic patients for the early exercise program of their own, to test the blood sugar value, but also to exercise portable emergency mobile phone, sugar, blood glucose meter.

10, unexplained discomfort. As a result of diabetes patients with poor immunity, high sensitivity of the body, if you feel uncomfortable, but can not say any specific reasons, it is best to test blood sugar as soon as possible, and timely medical treatment


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