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Early clinical features and diagnosis of diabetic nephropath

2017-09-07 15:55

Diabetic nephropathy (DN) is one of the common chronic complications of diabetes. In diabetic patients, the incidence of diabetic nephropathy is about 34.7%, which refers to kidney damage caused by diabetes itself. Persistent albuminuria is a major indicator of clinical symptoms The In Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions, diabetic nephropathy has become the main cause of end-stage renal disease (ESRD). With the development of economy and the extension of life expectancy, the incidence and incidence of diabetic nephropathy in various regions have increased rapidly, which has become the second reason for ESRD (second only to primary glomerulonephritis), which is close to 10%. In 2010, China dialysis registration data show that Chinese hemodialysis patients with diabetes as high as 18.8%. As the way of life is Westernized, the proportion will increase. Diabetic nephropathy pose a threat to the health and life of the patient, creating a huge financial burden on society and the family, but at an early stage, diabetic nephropathy can be prevented and treated.

Diabetic nephropathy has clinical features as follows:

The natural process of chronic disease progression, the process extended to several years, decades or even longer;

Occult disease, early asymptomatic, only through the urine test only to find the pathological changes of the kidney, the early intervention of the best time to lose;

Postoperative poor, early diabetic nephropathy once the development of clinical symptoms, can not be reversed, and ultimately progress to end-stage renal disease, kidney therapy should rely on to maintain life.

So early prevention and control can get twice the results of half the effort.

Early diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy must rely on laboratory tests. Urine routine examination is a major screening item. If the urine protein is negative, you need to further check the urine microalbumin. When microalbuminuria, the average duration of diabetes is 5 years, about 80% of microalbuminuria in the next 10 years progress to clinical diabetic nephropathy. For early detection and diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) It is recommended to immediately perform urinary albumin screening for creatinine ratio (also known as kidney index) for newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus. After 5 years of diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, an initial screening is conducted each year.

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