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Is focal hyperplasia Iga nephropathy serious?

2018-02-15 16:31

Focal proliferative Iga nephropathy is a common pathological type of Iga nephropathy, relatively speaking, the impact on patients is large, so found that patients with this condition must promptly pay close attention to time for treatment, to avoid causing more harm and the impact of patients with sufficient confidence to adhere to treatment, then focal hyperplasia Iga nephropathy is not serious.

1, Focal hyperplasia Iga nephropathy is one of the pathological types of Iga nephropathy, it is relatively difficult to treat, so that this situation is more serious, the patient found the disease must be promptly diagnosed, can not miss the best timing of treatment, so as to avoid causing the patient's condition even more serious. Generally, patients suffering from this disease need long-term medication for conditioning and treatment. Patients must adhere to taking medication, but also regularly go to the hospital for review. It is very important to pay attention to their own condition and development. Patients need to allow professional doctors according to their own circumstances to develop their own programs for treatment.

2, Focal hyperplasia Iga nephropathy patients must maintain good eating habits, patients in the usual diet should be good conditioning and care, so as to improve the treatment effect, will not make the patient's condition becomes more serious, the general patient need to eat more foods rich in vitamin C, such as: tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, radishes, oranges, kiwi, etc, usually should drink less water.

Finally, patients should avoid eating spicy, cold, greasy, high cholesterol and pickled foods, etc, some salty things can not eat, otherwise it will easily lead to more serious symptoms of edema, it will have some adverse effects on the patient's recovery. Patients also should try to avoid eating high-protein foods, otherwise it will aggravate the symptoms of proteinuria, but also take timely adjustment of their mentality.

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