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Respiratory health care measures for nephritis disease

2018-02-13 18:00

Experts said that the nephritis is kidney lesions caused by nephritis, health care is an important measure to prevent nephritis expansion, nephritis, proper care is not only can to some extent alleviate the condition, but also can reduce the pain of patients. Nephritis health care has a lot of small methods, and can play an obvious curative effect, the following Xiaobian to readers to provide a specific method of operation of nephritis health care methods.

Breathing heart specific methods in health care: nephritis erect, with your feet shoulder width apart, lift the arms straight, behind the cross, the lower abdomen slightly forward, hands to straight up after all the power, pressure, concentration in the lumbar spine. Then the force from the lumbar spine, so that the arms from the back of the head with maximum curvature down to both sides of the body, squat at the same time, hands in the last two knees crossed, at the end of the mind concentrated in the front foot for 5 seconds. Heel must not leave the ground. When standing up again, the front foot first force, as the starting energy, and then all the power, ideas, once again concentrated in the lumbar spine, legs do not use a bit of power, to stand up. Keep your hands crossed, from your chest to your head, to your head.

Experts said, in a quiet state, will relax the body, along with abdominal breathing (i.e. inspiratory abdominal bulge, expiratory abdominal contraction), and on the exhale slightly before the contraction of yin and anus, inhale relax, repeat several times, this method is very effective care nephritis.

The above is introduced as one of the nephritis health measures breathing method, through detailed introduction above small, that provides help for friends of experts said that the daily health care of nephritis is very important, especially for patients with nephritis in accordance with the above method, may wish to try, may play a significant role. If you still need to have a detailed understanding of the kidney problems, you can consult our online experts, and our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

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