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Acute glomerulonephritis induced hypertension

2018-02-03 17:10

80% to 90% of patients with acute glomerulonephritis can present hypertension, generally mild and moderate hypertension, adults often in 130 ~ 160/90 to 110mmHg (17 ~ 21/12 to 14kpa). The fluctuation of blood pressure is large, which can be transient. Occasionally, severe hypertension is associated with retinal hemorrhage, oozing of blood, optic disc edema or hypertensive encephalopathy. The cause of high blood pressure is:

1. due to renal ischemia leads to increased renin renin is a special kind of proteolytic enzymes, it can make the change of hypertension protein inactive protein in plasma ball into an active protein of hypertension, hypertensive protein produced by the liver into protein with vasoconstrictor effect of hypertension is very strong, increasing blood pressure.

2. the result of reflex systemic arteriolar spasm resulting from allergic reactions.

3. the retention of water and sodium and the increase of blood volume make the blood pressure too high.

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