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How should acute glomerulonephritis arrange diet?

2018-02-03 17:09

Acute glomerulonephritis type, clinical manifestations, treatment principles to diet according to the patient's renal function and the degree of proteinuria is determined, and also should pay attention to patients with edema and hypertension, do comprehensive analysis to determine how diet therapy.

The incidence of acute glomerulonephritis in 3 ~ 6 days, decreased glomerular filtration rate, will produce azotemia, so we should restrict protein diet, try to choose food quality protein foods within the scope of restrictions, such as milk, egg, meat, fish, etc.. When the disease improves and the urine output increases, the daily urine volume is greater than 1000 ml. it may begin to gradually increase the protein quality, but it should not exceed 08 grams per kilogram per day. Low protein diet, the daily protein should be 40~50 grams, 05 grams per kilogram weight below. Until the condition is stable 2~3 months later, can gradually restore normal quantity.

Patients with swelling and hypertension should be given a low salt, salt free and low sodium diet. Low salt diet is generally less than 3 grams daily salt or soy sauce 10 ~ 15 ml, where salt food should avoid eating, such as pickles, pickled cabbage, salted egg, egg, bacon, bread, etc. Hanging noodles should be avoided.

A salt free diet is cooked without salt and soy sauce. In addition to the salty food should avoid eating, available sugar, vinegar, sesame paste, tomato sauce seasoning.

Low sodium diet is in addition to cooking with soy sauce and salt, where food and vegetables containing high sodium should also be limited, such as making use of baking powder or soda Steamed Buns, cakes, cookies, and other vegetables where Hanging noodles, sodium 100 mg /100 grams or more should be used with caution, preferably not more than 500 milligrams the day of dietary sodium.

When oliguria, anuria or elevated serum potassium, should limit potassium rich fruits and vegetables, such as bean sprouts, leek, leek, celery, spinach, cauliflower, cedar, bamboo, bamboo shoots, dried lily, red dates, fresh mushrooms, seaweed, mustard, mustard greens, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, Sichuan, apricot lotus root, sorghum, corn, beans, sponge gourd, balsam pear.

As a result of limiting potassium containing more food, intake of vegetables and fruits will be reduced, vitamin intake significantly reduced, easily lead to vitamin deficiency, vitamin supplements should be supplemented.

Appropriate to add alkaline beverage: acute glomerulonephritis, for patients with urine pH is acidic, so it should drink more water, orange juice, lemon juice and other alkaline beverage to regulate acid-base balance, is conducive to the rehabilitation of the body. Should eat easily digestible, flat, without excitant food: avoid the aggravation of gastrointestinal tract and kidney burden, not to eat fried food is not easy to digest, avoid nuclear protein, metabolism after purine food, such as liver, kidney and so on, because it can cause elevated blood uric acid.

The above is about the introduction of how should acute glomerulonephritis arrange diet, different patients, according to their own condition and decide, it is best to consult a physician or pay attention to their contact our online expert, our experts will reply as soon as possible.

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