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Overeating can lead to occult nephritis?

2018-01-13 17:04

Overeating can also lead to occult nephritis, I believe many people will feel incredible, how does overeating lead to occult nephritis? But this is true, let’s learn about is together.

Some time ago after the National Day, our hospital received a patient, diagnosed of occult nephritis. But the patient is usually in good health, without disease, until recently felt back pain, but also always feel weakness, did not pay attention at the beginning. Come to hospital for diagnose until edema of body was found, the result of the examination is occult nephritis.

"There are no signs at all, how does occult nephritis suddenly attack?" the patient said. After inquiry, we learned that the patient's life has been no special circumstances, but during the National Day holiday, a few friends and classmates came back, and then often get gather, drunk a lot, eat a lot of things, which only to find the cause.

People have dine together, eat too much food. Ingestion of food will eventually produce waste - uric acid and urea nitrogen. Most of these wastes were excreted by the kidneys, overeating will undoubtedly increase the burden on the kidneys, and sometimes cause occult nephritis.

So, sometimes overeating can also lead to the occurrence of the disease, so patients should take a reasonable diet. In addition, there are many reasons leading to occult nephritis, including the following:

Infections, such as pharyngitis, tonsillitis, cold and so on;

Less water intake

Cold, damp and so on.

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