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4 common sense of preventing chronic nephritis

2018-01-02 16:50

According to the latest survey, there are many patients with kidney disease and their families are consulting a problem, how to prevent chronic nephritis? Chronic nephritis is difficult to cure stubborn disease, so we must pay attention and effective prevention of nephritis, so we must understand the relevant knowledge of nephritis is necessary, the following let the experts to explain to you.

Invigorate health. The most important measure to prevent chronic nephritis is to strengthen physical exercise and enhance the ability of organism to resist disease. There are many ways to exercise the body, walking, long-distance running, dancing, mountaineering, etc., all contribute to enhance the physique, improve the body's resistance, and can prevent the occurrence of immune reaction after infection with bacteria.

Prevention of infection. Nephritis disease often associated with upper respiratory tract infection, often outside by the cold, wind heat, wind dampness, damp heat, heat pathogen was due, therefore, to prevent disease, nephritis should pay attention to changes in the weather, warm and cold should avoid rainy days out, when the wind and rain, wading, sweating, wearing wet clothes alert to external evil invasion.

Regular living style. It is very important to develop good living habits and health. Because life is not the law, not enough sleep, overeating, and excessive, can reduce the body's resistance to external evil, increasing the chance of disease, so, in daily life, work and rest, regular rest, should be to maintain the balance of human body, regulate qi and blood.

Early treatment of disease. The skin boils prurigo, upper respiratory tract infection, recurrent tonsillitis, has changed, so may nephritis disease and treatment is very necessary. Keep the lower Yin clean, frequently change underwear, can prevent urinary tract infection; keep stool patency, regular defecation, is conducive to the elimination of metabolic waste.

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