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What are the hazards of nephritis?

2017-12-05 16:56

Nephritis is our common disease, is a disease of nephropathy, although nephritis bring the great damage to our patients, but for the harm of nephritis we are not very understanding, then what will the harm of nephritis? We invite our experts to tell you about it.

First, the majority of acute nephritis showed an acute process, in a certain period of time can be completely cured, or completely cured by treatment, but in the acute onset of the patient's life and labor. But acute nephritis if anxious to develop, or in the acute process such as hypertensive encephalopathy and other serious complications, this nephritis will endanger life and health.

Second, on the contrary, chronic nephritis in the early and mid-onset after most of the obvious uncomfortable, does not seem to directly affect the patient's life and labor, but the disease is still progressing, and gradually deteriorated, it is easy to be ignored by patients, Once the development of the late often evolved into uremia, thus threatening life. Because chronic nephritis patients need long-term treatment, the patient and the family is a huge mental and economic burden.

The above is the introduction of the harm of nephritis, we hope to help.If you still have questions about nephritis, you can contact our online experts for a professional answer.

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