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how to control IgA nephropathy

2017-11-30 17:53

On IgA nephritis, I believe many people are relatively clear, but people know only one side.What is the IGA nephritis? How to treat? Generally, primary glomerular disease refers to glomerular mesangial deposition of IgA nephritis .Petients should have timely treatment in the face of this disease and pay attention to how to control IgA nephropathy.Let's take a look at:

The daily IgA nephritis correct nursing can help patients recover at an early date. Most people don't know what need to pay attention in IgA nephritis care. Here we understand the IgA nephritis nursing method specifically .

1, Infection is an important cause of IgA nephritis. Therefore, IgA nephritis care should be paid attention to prevent infection, upper respiratory tract infection, while tonsillitis, pharyngitis and enteritis should pay attention to prevention. These infections are easily associated with an exacerbation or exacerbation of IGA nephropathy, especially in the climate change season.  we should pay attention to the temperature inside the house when cold, humid, windy. Also, urinary tract infections can also worsen the condition and treat it as soon as possible.

2, Patients should pay attention to moderate exercise when the disease is not completely alleviated.Patients can do some sports, under the guidance of doctors in general, and do not do strenuous exercise, walking, brisk walking is easy to do, every one to two times, each 20 to 30 minutes is appropriate.

3, Control hypertension is very important, IgA nephritis patients should pay attention to blood pressure, if there is high blood pressure, patients must be carefully controlled, high blood pressure can increase the burden on the kidneys, and then make the disease worse. If you do not have hypertension, you also usually should pay attention to prevention.

4, Diet for the recovery of IgA nephritis is very helpful. IgA nephritis patients should pay attention to light in daily care diet. Generally, high protein content should be properly controlled. The condition of many patients are suddenly worsened because they eat a lot of food on the holidays, gathering of friends and family, 

Through the introduction of the above content, you should be clear about the nursing methods of IGA nephritis. Patients can recover soon by the dual combination of treatment and nursing.There are many care methods for IgA nephritis ,such as diet, exercise, more rest, etc. These can help a certain degree of recovery of IgA nephritis. Patients should pay attention to it in daily life.

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