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Why chronic nephritis cause edema? What are the early stage

2017-11-14 17:15

Why chronic nephritis cause edema? 

The symptoms of chronic nephritis is not obvious at the beginning,but the human injury is slowly accumulating. Nephritis symptoms will have eyelids, lower limbs, face, edema, the patient's urine also contains a lot of foam, and early symptoms of nephritis patients with abnormal urine, dysuria also with pain, increased urination at night. We also know that edema is caused by kidney disease, such as chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and so on. Urinary protein increases, resulting in increased urine foam.

Early stage symptoms of chronic nephritis

Hematuria: hematuria can be pided into gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria. Hematuria is the naked eye can see the hematuria, urine color was washed meat samples, turbid and red, and some children with blood in the blood clots or blood clots; and microscopic hematuria is only observed under the microscope can be found, The number of red blood cells per high power field is greater than one.

Eyelid edema: early symptoms of chronic nephritis Kidney edema caused by the main reason: the kidneys on the water excretion and regulation of damage, so that patients with water and sodium increased, too much water in the body loose tissue, and eyelids Is more loose parts of the organization. Eyelid edema features wake up in the morning when the activity is diminished.

Urinary foam increased: increased foam in the urine to a smaller bubble-based, and interconnected together, a long time can not be dispersed, suggesting that urine protein, caused by higher tension. Of course, the accuracy of this symptom is poor.

If you do not have a certain medical knowledge, often overlooked. The easiest way is to check the urine to a professional hospital to rule out the possibility of proteinuria. Because the earliest changes in chronic nephritis are urine.

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