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What are the early symptoms of female nephritis?

2017-11-09 17:09

As the probability of men suffering from kidney disease gradually increased, leading to the majority of people think that nephritis is a male-specific patents, not knowing that women also have the possibility of suffering from nephritis. Experts, due to gender differences, leading to the performance of nephritis symptoms, are not the same. So, what are the early symptoms of female nephritis?

⑴ hypertensive symptoms: glomerulonephritis patients will appear high blood pressure, manifested as headache, memory loss, poor sleep symptoms. Due to the above symptoms of medical treatment, and found that patients with high blood pressure must check the urine routine, especially young patients.

(2) patients with chronic renal failure may only show the early number of nighttime urination and increased urine output. Healthy people do not have plenty of drinking water before going to bed, no sleep after nocturnal sleep or only urination 1, if often no more than 2 times at night, should go to the hospital to check urine and kidney function.

⑶ moderate or more chronic renal failure patients often associated with anemia, fatigue, dizziness, pale and other symptoms. Anemia patients such as the exception of blood system diseases, should pay attention to the presence of chronic renal failure.

⑷ early uremic patients often appear loss of appetite, nausea, skin itching and other performance. Thus, there are those symptoms, especially the combination of hypertension, anemia patients must check the kidney function.

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