Chronic nephritis will develop chronic renal failure

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Chronic nephritis will develop chronic renal failure

2017-11-08 16:55

Chronic nephritis persistent healing, can develop into chronic renal failure, but if the maintenance of patients with chronic nephritis proper treatment, the patient within a few decades of physical condition will be more stable, the impact of the survival period is not great. If the condition intensified, may occur within a few years time renal failure.

Chronic nephritis to go through how long after the development of chronic renal failure, there is no definite conclusion on this issue. From the first discovery of urine abnormalities to the development of chronic renal failure, can last ten years or even decades. But not to say that all of the chronic nephritis is bound to develop into a chronic renal failure, chronic nephritis patients after a positive Chinese and Western medicine treatment, a reasonable diet, pay attention to rest, to prevent infection, kidney inflammation can be alleviated, the symptoms will be obvious Reduce, and even urine changes can disappear.

Chronic nephritis patients must not be pessimistic disappointment, loss of confidence, to maintain an optimistic state of mind, for chronic nephritis long course, easy to repeat the characteristics, adhere to close cooperation with doctors, fight a long war, while paying attention to appropriate rest and reasonable diet, so as to achieve victory The purpose of the disease. Avoid the initial effect that withdrawal or that some protein in the urine does not matter, otherwise, will be adversely affected by the disease.

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