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Can chronic nephritis die

2017-11-08 16:41

There are many patients with chronic nephritis are more concerned about this issue: chronic nephritis can give birth to it? Will it affect future sex? This problem involves a lot of aspects, if these problems are not handled properly, will give patients a serious psychological burden, and even lead to the deterioration of the patient's condition, this small series from a professional point of view to answer these questions.

First is chronic nephritis but also fertility? To answer this question, need to consider from a number of aspects, the chronic nephritis disease, it is actually an immune injury disease, human immunity once damaged, it is generally longer recovery cycle, usually need Three years or even longer, so for female patients friends, during treatment should avoid pregnancy, treatment within three years should try not to pregnancy, so as to lead to disease progression, because pregnancy can increase the burden of kidney and other organs, Resulting in recurrence of the disease or even increased. For male patients, in the treatment of hormones, cytotoxicity and other immunosuppressive drugs should take contraceptive measures to prevent the emergence of deformed children after conception. For patients who have been treated for rehabilitation, not only to the narcosis specialist counseling before birth, but also to the eugenic institutions and gynecology and obstetrics specialist consultation to assess the feasibility and risk of fertility.

Chronic nephritis patients will affect future sexual life? There is a lot of questions also related to this issue, for patients with chronic nephritis, is not absolutely prohibited sex, but must control sexual life, at the same time, can not use alcohol, aphrodisiac forced sexual intercourse, because too much fatigue will affect kidney disease treatment and lead to illness Recur or even worse. Of course, for the more serious illness, especially with serious complications to seek the views of doctors, so as not to lead to deterioration of the disease, and even a threat to life safety.

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