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Chronic pyelonephritis symptoms

2017-11-06 17:05

The occurrence of chronic pyelonephritis for patients is of great harm, can lead to patients appear hypertension, edema, for kidney damage is very large, serious may become chronic renal failure, so we should be more attention to the prevention and treatment for chronic pyelonephritis, it is first necessary to understand the following diseases the chronic pyelonephritis symptoms.

1. edema: edema often occurs in patients with chronic pyelonephritis, which is called renal edema. Renal edema was initially shown in the eyes and face, with edema aggravated, there are in the lower extremities and ankle, the most severe systemic edema, and pleural effusion and ascites, the patients must be appropriate to the use of a low salt diet, no salt soy sauce instead of salt when necessary.

2. hematuria: one of the common symptoms of  chronic pyelonephritis, hematuria is pide into microscopic hematuria and eye hematuria, the symptom of microscopic hematuria is light than eye hematuriasymptoms, attention must be paid to the hematuria, eat less excitant strong food, appropriate to drink some water and increase of urinary tract erosion.

3. proteinuria: in patients with chronic pyelonephritis kidney has been damaged to a certain extent, the more the glomerular filtration membrane permeability, the in vivo protein molecular filter in vitro, caused by the lack of protein, destroyed the balance of nutrients in the body, so patients with appropriate supplement some high-quality low protein food is very necessary.

4. hypertension: hypertension is one of the symptom of chronic pyelonephritis, some patients have hypertension as ordinary hypertension, not seriously, delayed treatment, causing serious consequences, for patients with chronic pyelonephritis, hypertension symptoms will arise sooner or later.

The above is about the symptoms of chronic pyelonephritis, if you have a chronic pyelonephritis knowledge requires a detailed understanding, you can consult our online expert, our experts will reply as soon as possible.

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