The benefits of abstinence from nephritis

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The benefits of abstinence from nephritis

2017-11-02 17:22

People often say that drinking beverages, but still could not help drink. For the normal man, a small amount of alcohol effects on the body may not be great, but for the nephritis patients, the impact is relatively serious, therefore, nephritis patients must pay attention to the prohibition, because the prohibition to help patients with nephritis:

Chronic nephritis patients with low resistance, prone to respiratory tract, urinary tract and skin infection, infection after no obvious symptoms, treatment is also difficult, should be noted. For chronic nephritis patients, clinicians have repeatedly warned against smoking alcohol. Alcohol and tobacco are harmful to nephritis patients. It is not only harmful to the recovery of renal function, but also aggravates the burden on the kidneys and leads to the deterioration of nephritis patients.

Alcohol can destroy the environment in the body of patients with chronic nephritis. It can not provide a good environment for the rehabilitation of the kidneys, and is harmful to the health of the patients with nephritis. Drinking will affect the nitrogen balance of the body, increase the protein decomposition, increased urea nitrogen content in the blood, which will increase the burden on the kidneys, if the normal problem is not big, but for patients with kidney or chronic renal insufficiency patients, disease rehabilitation is a stumbling block, is most in need of attention to health care in patients with glomerulonephritis the contents of.

Overall drinking is good for the body, for some patients can not drink, must stop drinking, if you still need a detailed understanding, you can consult our online expert, our experts will reply as soon as possible.


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