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Prevention and treatment for nephritis

2017-10-11 15:51

1, pay attention to keeping warm in winter

The survey found that there are more patients with deterioration of renal function or new dialysis patients in winter than in other seasons; vasoconstriction due to low temperature increased blood pressure. Decreased urine output strengthen blood clotting. These factors easily cause kidney problems.

Prevention and treatment for nephritis

2, do not take medicine indiscriminately

Many painkillers, cold remedies and herbal remedies have kidney toxicity, and do not mess them around without a doctor's prescription. People should also be aware of the side effects of antibiotics and painkillers doctor prescribed.

3, do not overeat

Eating too much protein and salt can increase kidney burden. In addition, sports drinks contain extra electrolytes and salt, people with kidney disease need to be careful with those drinks.

4, deal with cold

If you catch a repeated cold or get high blood pressure, edema, diarrhea, and bubble urine after catching a cold, you'd better turn to a kidney doctor for screening.

5, take proper amount of water, do not hold up urine

Urine retention in the bladder is like a blocked sewer. It easily cause bacteria infection; and bacteria can infect the kidneys through the ureter.

6, control diabetes and hypertension

Poorly controlled blood pressure and diabetes can cause hardening of the arteries. The kidney is composed of millions of tiny blood capillary glomus. Uncontrolled blood sugar or blood pressure cause kidney problems easily.

7, regular inspection

It is better to do the urine and blood creatinine and urea nitrogen examination every six months. The kidney burden increases when a woman is pregnant. Renal function should be monitored. So as not to become uremia due to toxemia of pregnancy.

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