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Pay attention to the details of life in chronic nephritis

2017-10-08 16:49

There are many details of life that affect people's health, especially for some patients, such as chronic nephritis. In order to protect the health of chronic nephritis patients and avoid causing greater harm to them, we should pay attention to the details of life in patients with chronic nephritis. The following for everyone to do a detailed introduction.

Get attention to the details of chronic nephritis one: chronic nephritis patients should to actively control hypertension, because hypertension is accelerating glomerulosclerosis, promote the critical elements of renal function deterioration, positive control of hypertension is very important link.

Get attention to the details of chronic nephritis two: patients should control the food protein and phosphorus intake, kidney function normal, high protein diet, kidney dysfunction is high quality low protein diet, limit phosphorus intake.

Get attention to the details of chronic nephritis three: for patients with high viscosity hypercoagulability. Routine Chinese medicine symptomatic treatment can temporarily eliminate nephritis patients exist disease, but can not reach the effect of theoretical treatment. For the treatment of renal dysfunction, Chinese medicine can not carry forward its due role. Therefore, the standard treatment of nephritis should emphasize the role of Western medicine in this area.

The above is about the details of patients with chronic nephritis, I hope to help you, our hospital expert suitcase, in order to avoid the hazards of chronic nephritis, active prevention is very important. If you have further knowledge about the face of kidney disease, you can consult our online expert, and our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

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