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Diet treatment in different stages of chronic glomerulonephr

2017-09-23 15:01

Diet treatment for chronic glomerulonephritis: the clinical manifestations of chronic glomerulonephritis are different in different stages of the disease, and dietary treatment should be determined by each stage.

Diet treatment in different stages of chronic glomerulonephritis
Diet treatment in different stages of chronic glomerulonephritis

1.Asymptomatic proteinuria or hematuria, urine protein loss is not much (1 ~ 2g · d-1). Can give the general diet, slightly salt. But if the urine protein lost more, or have low plasma protein, without azotemia, may be appropriate to increase the dietary protein quality, according to the daily 1g kg-1 normal demand supply, it is necessary to consider the increase of loss in urine protein quality, according to a recent opinion, long-term high protein load increase the burden on the kidneys, resulting in accelerated deterioration of renal function.

2. Acute glomerulonephritis acute attack, according to the principle of acute nephritis diet, kidney disease syndrome, refer to the section of diet treatment. 

3. Chronic nephritis Hypertensive patients with moderate renal impairment, in order to control blood pressure, should limit salt intake, given less salt diet, severe short-term given salt-free diet, as more into the sodium salt can not only increase blood pressure, and can increase kidney damage, so even if the blood pressure returned to normal, but also to light food is appropriate to avoid further deterioration of renal function, protein quality should also be appropriate control. 

4. Decreased renal function, should be appropriate to limit the food intake, the daily intake of the total (including the staple food contained in the protein) <30 ~ 40g, more use of milk, eggs and other high quality protein, and may be appropriate to adjust the fish , meat, chicken and other animal protein to increase appetite. When the patient's renal function was significantly reduced, do not over-limit the sodium salt, so as to avoid insufficient blood volume increased renal function and even azotemia.

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