Diet for the treatment of glomerulonephritis

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Diet for the treatment of glomerulonephritis

2017-08-18 10:37

Glomerulonephritis patients not only in the treatment of drugs should pay attention to the problem, but also pay attention to diet. Glomerulonephritis in patients with the rehabilitation of the disease is essential, in addition to compliance with the doctor's orders to physical fitness, but also under the guidance of a doctor to take a reasonable diet. Here are some guidelines on the treatment of glomerulonephritis diet:

glomerulonephritis diet

1: chronic glomerulonephritis patients according to the degree of renal damage to determine the degree of protein intake, long course if the renal function is not serious damage, food protein does not have to strictly limit, of which more than 50% of high-quality protein, Disease, according to the condition limit the protein.

2: suffering from edema and high blood pressure in patients should limit the salt in 2-3g / d; edema serious, control salt 2g / d below, or given salt-free diet, while regular check serum potassium, sodium levels, due to chronic kidney Porcine nephritis or long-term sodium can cause sodium deficiency in the body.

Three: heat chronic glomerulonephritis course of long, heat supply to meet the needs of activities, due to restrictions on protein, so to carbohydrates and fat as the main source of heat.

Four: mineral and vitamin sodium intake according to the degree of edema and hypertension, when edema and high blood pressure at the same time, the daily limit of salt in 3-4g; edema serious intake of 2g / d salt, or to the patient without salt diet. Vitamin should be fully supplied, pay attention to vitamin a, b vitamins and vitamin c, folic acid and so on. Patients with anemia of chronic glomerulonephritis patients should be more b vitamins, iron and folic acid rich foods such as animal liver and other internal organs, green leafy vegetables and so on.

Five: changes in the principle of dietary diet chronic glomerulonephritis acute attack, according to the principle of treatment of acute glomerulonephritis nephritis diet, a large number of proteinuria, kidney disease should be based on the principle of diet treatment. In short, chronic glomerulonephritis should be closely combined with changes in condition, modify the diet formula, in order to facilitate the disease stable and recovery.

The above is the glomerulonephritis diet treatment made a brief introduction, for reference only. The cause of glomerulonephritis complex, specific diet treatment program or under the guidance of a doctor to complete, otherwise the treatment of patients with glomerulonephritis harmless.

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