Dietary principles and taboos of glomerulonephritis!

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Dietary principles and taboos of glomerulonephritis!

2017-04-06 18:36

Dietary principles and taboos of glomerulonephritis! Kidney disease patients must be based on their own conditions, the development of the correct exercise program, the only way to better away from the trouble of kidney disease, the principles of the diet of patients with glomerulonephritis:

1 carbohydrate and fat intake, generally can not be limited. To ensure adequate supply of heat.

2 to ensure that rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C food supply, especially fresh vegetables and fruits should eat as much as possible.

There are 3 continuous patients with oliguric hyperkalemia, to avoid the high potassium content of foods such as fruit and fruit juice etc..

4 protein intake should be based on the condition. If the patient has renal insufficiency, azotemia, should limit the intake of protein, such as urea nitrogen more than 60mg%, the daily protein supply to kg weight 0.5 grams, egg and milk intake, with high biological value of protein, in order to reduce the burden of renal excretion of nitrogen; if severe renal insufficiency, azotemia, to further reduce the intake of protein, in order to reduce the intake of non essential amino acids of the staple food, available corn starch, lotus root starch, wheat starch instead of staple food; in the absence of such circumstances or condition improved, gradually increase intake of protein per kg body weight per day can supply 1 grams of protein.

There are 5 patients with symptoms of edema and hypertension, in accordance with the condition of using less salt, salt or low sodium foods. Less salt refers to daily salt intake of less than 3 grams of salt and salt; refers to the daily diet, also do not eat salt food; eat less sodium refers to the daily dietary sodium content does not exceed the maximum 1000 mg, in addition to salt, high sodium content (such as alkali) food must be controlled.

Dietary contraindication of glomerulonephritis:

First, nephritis patients should not eat egg

Egg (preserved egg) tastes not salty, but its sodium content is low, low salt diet nephritis patients, also occasionally eat a little bit uneventfully; such as long time consumption, it would increase the content of sodium in the body, out of a low salt diet, is not conducive to the rehabilitation of body. Therefore, nephritis patients should not eat egg.

Two, patients with glomerulonephritis should not eat eggs

Nephritis patients should not eat eggs. Due to the onset of renal function and metabolic effects are significantly reduced, urine volume reduction, some toxins in the body can not be excreted in vitro. At this time if you eat eggs, eggs will inevitably increase the metabolism of DD urea, so there will be more urea accumulated in the body, so that the disease. Therefore, nephritis patients should be forbidden to eat eggs in the deterioration of the disease, in the stable phase can eat less.


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