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 The kidneys are a pair of organs located in the back of the abdomen. Each kidney is about 4 or 5 inches long -- about the size of a fist.The kidneys' function are to filter the blood. All the blood in our bodies passes through the kidneys several times a day. The kidneys remove wastes, control the body's fluid balance, and regulate the balance of electrolytes.

  • Can renal atrophy pass dietotherapy?

    Date:2017-04-06 15:11:35

    We have heard of nephritis, kidney stones, renal failure, uremia, for renal atrophy may not know, this is a manifestation of severe kidney damage, the expression of renal function in general will be incomplete, kidney failure and other dise...

  • Health care method for kidney atrophy

    Date:2017-04-06 15:02:47

    Daily life should pay attention to nutrition, food as far as possible diversification, eat a high protein, vitamins, low animal fat, easy to digest food and fresh fruits and vegetables, do not eat spoiled or stale irritating things, eat smo...

  • What are the needs of the kidney atrophy check?

    Date:2017-04-06 14:20:06

    Check the size of the kidney, although not directly to find the cause of kidney disease, but can be a preliminary understanding of the nature of the disease, the doctors attention, or for the identification of acute and chronic diseases, to...

  • Chronic renal atrophy patients with fever

    Date:2017-04-05 17:23:41

    Almost everyone had been get a fever, so we all know some common sense about fever. But if one get a fever when he has already had other disease, he should pay special attention about it. People cant have medicine randomly. For example, if...

  • How to keep on a diet healthily of renal atrophy

    Date:2017-04-05 17:18:33

    Nowadays more and more people are getting kidney disease.So we should learn something about renal atrophy. If one get renal atrophy, the most important thing for him is to have a good treatment, the next is a health diet. Do the two well ca...

  • What should the patient with kidney atrophy eat?

    Date:2017-04-05 15:53:48

    Many patients are asking: what should I eat kidney atrophy? yes, renal atrophy diet has long been a friend of many patients for confusion, renal atrophy disease elimination and recovery of a healthy diet benefits, identify renal atrophy and...

  • How to prevent kidney atrophy?

    Date:2017-02-15 11:14:11

    1, limit protein intake, can be appropriate to eat milk, meat, they contain more essential amino acids, in order to supply the body needs. 2, fat should consider eating a single unsaturated fatty acids more food, such as vegetable oil. Limi...

  • The main measure for preventing chronic renal insufficiency

    Date:2014-07-13 17:31:52

    For high risk group who is easy to have renal insufficiency, firstly should do the primary prevention, that is preventing the occurrence of chronic renal insufficiency. For the group who has been had early chronic renal insufficiency should...

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