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What harm does kidney atrophy have?

2017-04-06 15:38

With the onset of renal atrophy rate increased year by year, but also for people's life and work to bring a lot of trouble and inconvenience, people attention to the disease increased, then damage renal atrophy what? Today to tell you about, the specific contents are as follows:

Patients with renal atrophy may also have hematuria. Understanding of the symptoms of renal atrophy, in the presence of certain abnormalities, we should go to the hospital for renal B type ultrasound examination to understand whether the kidney with renal atrophy, which has a very important significance for the treatment of the kidney.

What is the harm of kidney atrophy, renal atrophy is a manifestation of the development of the disease in patients with renal insufficiency, with the gradual progress of the disease, renal atrophy is also becoming more and more serious. Therefore, the key to the treatment of renal atrophy lies in the timing of treatment and the grasp of the treatment methods, the ability to seize the favorable opportunity to block the formation of fibrosis in the deterioration of the chain, is the key to determine the success or failure of treatment. And whether it is in the early, middle and late, the time required for treatment is longer; and the choice of treatment is more cautious.

The risk of renal atrophy is nausea, vomiting, fatigue, anemia and so on. Uremia will continue to worsen. Renal atrophy patients will face swollen legs, the skin itching, and also could be accompanied by swelling of the feet, some patients also waist ache badly, not sedentary. Renal atrophy is due to long-term kidney problems, caused by overwork, suffering from renal atrophy, legs have swollen phenomenon, blood pressure will be increased with the aggravation of high. The body will gradually lose weight.

This article through the introduction, I believe we harm to renal atrophy had certain understanding, hope we can improve the renal atrophy attention, discomfort, must be timely to the hospital for treatment of kidney disease, avoid illness, cause more harm to the body, I wish you a speedy recovery!


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