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The treatment methods for renal atrophy

2017-08-12 16:07

What is the symptoms of unilateral renal atrophy? Unilateral renal atrophy in attention to what matters? The following is a brief description of unilateral renal atrophy.
1、Give up smoking and liquor, and pay attention to diet,

2、Unilateral renal atrophy could consider take operation to removal.

3、The elevation of creatinine could resolve through dialysis, including all kinds of pathogenic factors, like all kinds of kidney diseases、reno-vascular disease、renal trauma and etc, if can’t treat it effectively, will cause unilateral renal atrophy renal atrophy, in brief the development of all kinds of kidney disease is the process of renal fibrosis, at last the manifestations of kidney are shrink、narrow, suggest take antifibrotic treatment.

Treatment methods: resolve the question of how to treat unilateral  renal atrophy, need to explore the ultimacy reason of unilateral  renal atrophy. Kidney is attacked by the outside world, the occurrence of inflammatory reaction、cell phenotype inversion cause the occurrence and development of renal fibrosis, thus unilateral  renal parenchymal damaged, kidney also shrank.

The key point of treatment: repair damaged renal tissue、recover renal function, block kidney shrinking continuously. The principle of treatment: promote the apoptosis of myofibroblast and the phagocytosis of immune complex; decrease the synthesis of ECM and increase its degradation, kidney damaged tissue maybe repair part of tissue, renal function could be recovered gradually, the apoptosis of mypfibroblast and immune complex block the synthesis and excretion of ECM, increase the synthesis of degrading enzyme for kidney, strengthen the degrading activity of ECM, decrease the damage of kidney tissue due to ECM, reverse unilateral renal atrophy gradually.

The treatment methods for renal atrophy
The treatment methods for renal atrophy

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