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 The kidneys are a pair of organs located in the back of the abdomen. Each kidney is about 4 or 5 inches long -- about the size of a fist.The kidneys' function are to filter the blood. All the blood in our bodies passes through the kidneys several times a day. The kidneys remove wastes, control the body's fluid balance, and regulate the balance of electrolytes.

  • Causes of symptoms of chronic renal failure in the elderly

    Date:2017-07-02 18:39:21

    Causes of symptoms of chronic renal failure in the elderly. Why does old person appear the symptom of chronic kidney failure? Are these symptoms really symptomatic of chronic kidney failure? What are the symptoms of chronic renal failure? O...

  • Symptoms of chronic kidney failure in elderly patients

    Date:2017-07-02 18:36:58

    What are the symptoms of chronic kidney failure in the elderly? The symptoms of chronic renal failure are complex and atypical, and the elderly tend to ignore these symptoms. Chronic renal failure should early detection and early treatment....

  • Patients with chronic renal failure need appropriate calcium

    Date:2017-07-01 09:53:46

    No matter what kind of disease do you have, there will be a sense of physical fatigue. So, once the patient suffers Chronic kidney failure must be a good focus on the next diet, calcium for patients is a very important part of it. Perhaps,...

  • What are the symptoms of acute renal failure in oliguria?

    Date:2017-07-01 09:43:09

    What are the symptoms of acute renal failure in oliguria?Acute renal failure is a common disease associated with heavy metals and drug poisoning. The course of the disease can be divided into several main stages: oliguria, polyuria, and rec...

  • How does creatinine decrease in patients with renal failure?

    Date:2017-07-01 08:56:22

    Generally speaking, for patients with renal dysfunction, there has been an increase in serum creatinine and urea nitrogen,the first step of treatment is to understand the reason for the increase. Because the creatinine and urea nitrogen is...

  • Causes of acute renal failure associated with nephrotic synd

    Date:2017-06-30 11:11:57

    Acute renal failure for nephrotic syndrome, the most serious complications, often need dialysis treatment. Common causes are: Hemodynamics changes: nephrotic syndrome often hypoproteinemia and vascular disease, especially in elderly patient...

  • Tongshantang: the late symptoms of chronic renal failure

    Date:2017-06-29 16:49:20

    Chronic renal failure, also known as chronic renal insufficiency, uremia, often caused by hereditary nephropathy, toxic nephropathy, infectious kidney disease induced. Understanding the symptoms of chronic renal failure is a great place for...

  • Tangshantang experts: chronic renal failure symptoms,causes

    Date:2017-06-29 16:45:41

    Hearing of chronic renal failure , we may not quite understand. The harmfulness of chronic renal failure is relatively large, causing serious harm to the patients body and mind, then we know that the early stage chronic renal failure sympto...

  • what are the treatments for acute renal failure at various s

    Date:2017-06-29 14:15:21

    How to treat acute renal failure? Acute renal failure (CRF) is a common disease characterized by sudden loss of renal function due to renal failure or renal tubular changes, which can lead to accumulation of toxins and metabolic acidosis. S...

  • Children with renal failure should be symptomatic treatment

    Date:2017-06-29 14:02:19

    Chronic renal failure reduce due to renal damage, resulting in renal excretion function and endocrine function of serious damage caused by water and electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders appear a series of symptoms, signs and complica...

Prevention and causes of renal failure

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