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Why there is a misdiagnosis of kidney failure?

2018-01-27 16:38

Why does kidney failure misdiagnosis? Nephropathy experts pointed out that all patients have obvious symptoms with renal failure in the diagnosis, it is easy to diagnose gastrointestinal diseases and anemia were the most, followed by hypertension, inpidual cases were misdiagnosed as diabetes and cerebral infarction.

Renal failure is caused by a variety of chronic kidney disease caused by damage to the kidneys, so that the kidney can not maintain the basic function of clinical metabolites and toxins retention, water, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders and some endocrine dysfunction and other performance a group of syndromes, for a variety of primary and secondary kidney disease continues to progress, the end of the term called uremia.

1, many patients because of thirst, nocturia more misdiagnosed as diabetes, high blood pressure, hemiplegia misdiagnosed as cerebral infarction.

2, many patients with gastrointestinal symptoms, manifested as nausea, vomiting, upper abdominal discomfort, black and so on, if the lack of experience of clinicians, easily lead to misdiagnosis.

3, many patients will have a family history of hypertension, many were misdiagnosed as high blood pressure, combined with a family history of hypertension, neglect of urine, renal function and other tests, and did not ask the patient with or without fatigue, nausea, edema and other symptoms so that misdiagnosed.

4, many patients with anemia, and many doctors will not be in-depth diagnosis, it will cause misdiagnosis. Almost all patients have anemia, the patient plasma inhibition of erythrocyte growth factor, red blood cell life shortages, hematopoietic raw materials, acute and chronic blood loss, etc., if the clinicians do not comprehensive analysis of anemia and patients with the relationship between symptoms, easily misdiagnosed.

Above have describe the reasons for misdiagnosis of renal failure, for doctors and patients in the diagnosis of renal failure should be careful in the diagnosis of renal failure, should take into account the multi-faceted factors, or it is likely to cause misdiagnosis of renal failure.

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