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Several causes of anemia in patients with chronic renal fail

2018-01-18 16:31

Chronic renal failure disease is more common, the symptoms are more, not only in the organs of the kidney, other organs will also be implicated, the majority of patients with chronic renal failure will have anemia, then what are the cause of anemia caused by chronic renal failure?

In general, it mainly includes the following aspects: First of all, the most common anemia is the decrease of erythropoietin. Experts said that erythropoietin is mainly produced by glomerular near-globus and medullary stromal cells. Chronic renal failure, in addition to renal damage to the site of erythropoietin, hemoglobin decreased oxygen affinity, the unit of hemoglobin utilization of oxygen increased, renal ischemia is relatively less serious. In addition, chronic renal failure renal failure of red blood cells will be different degrees of damage, but also trigger anemia caused by one of the reasons, which is due to uremia hypermythrocytemia lead to shortened life span of red blood cells, autolysis, uremia, red blood cell metabolism And increased fragility of red blood cells, resulting in red blood cell autolysis, microvascular disease so that damage to the red blood cells by mechanical damage, hypersplenism. Chronic renal failure patients may be exacerbated by long-term gastrointestinal bleeding, frequent laboratory blood tests, or residual blood loss in the dialyzer.

May also be due to other diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, etc., some diseases may affect hematopoietic function, may also affect the body's absorption of nutrients, leading to malnutrition and induce this phenomenon.

Experts advise, kidney damage to patients is enormous, so once suffering from kidney disease will be actively treated, so as not to delay the serious consequences of the disease. Also note that patients must be treated to a regular hospital for treatment of disease, so as to avoid the wrong treatment lead to aggravating.

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