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What factors can lead to the onset of renal failure

2017-11-26 09:24

Renal failure is a more serious disease in clinical harm, if inadvertently suffering from kidney failure disease, the patient's health will be a very big impact, so we oppressed as soon as possible for the treatment. If you want to reduce the difficulty of treatment, we must understand the cause of the disease, the following experts from our hospital to explain the specific factors leading to renal failure.

1. obstructive nephropathy: urinary tract obstruction caused by urinary excretion of renal damage caused by obstructive nephropathy. The common cause of urinary tract stones, benign prostatic hyperplasia in the elderly and so on. Urinary tract obstruction continued without lifting, will cause irreversible renal damage and renal parenchymal destruction, and finally lead to renal failure.

2. Primary glomerulonephritis: There are many types of primary glomerulonephritis, of which chronic glomerulonephritis caused by chronic renal failure is the most common. Chronic glomerulonephritis (chronic nephritis) is still unknown etiology, onset insidious, longer duration, clinical manifestations were persified, there may be proteinuria, hematuria, hypertension, edema, and varying degrees of renal dysfunction , The condition of light weight, and gradually developed into chronic renal failure.

Hypertensive nephropathy: the same as diabetes, the prevalence of hypertension since the eighties has also been a rapid upward trend, and with age, the higher the incidence of the elderly is the common disease incidence. People are aware of high blood pressure can cause heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, in fact, sustained blood pressure will increase the burden on the kidneys, causing kidney damage, early onset of nocturia increased, followed by proteinuria, renal function progressive damage, serum creatinine Ascending, and finally into renal failure. Therefore, we closely monitor blood pressure at the same time, to regular urine routine and renal function tests, early detection of kidney damage, early treatment.

4. polycystic kidney disease: polycystic kidney disease is a hereditary disease. Most of the patients when the kidneys often maintain the normal size or slightly larger, even can be found in small cysts, with the number of cysts and their size increases, the course of progress is slow, most patients to 40 years of age before the symptoms, For the waist and abdomen pain discomfort, hematuria, proteinuria, blood pressure, and finally into the renal failure.

Above is the experts for kidney failure factors related to explain, suffering from kidney failure disease, the harm is very serious, so we should take positive measures for early detection and early treatment, if you still have knowledge about the kidney need to be a detailed understanding , We can consult our online experts, our experts will be based on the actual condition of the patient given the most professional guidance.

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