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How Chinese medicine treats kidney failure

2017-11-20 16:48

Chronic renal failure is the progress of many chronic kidney disease near the end of the "stop", "terminal" is uremia. In recent years, with the aging of our population, diabetes, high blood pressure, gout and other metabolic diseases continue to rise, the secondary chronic renal failure is also increasing year by year. At present, there is no fundamental solution to chronic renal failure, dialysis can prolong life, so that patients return to society, but it is non-physiological therapy, will bring many short-term or long-term complications; kidney transplantation at this stage 5 to 10 years The survival rate is not very high, the cost of transplantation is still very expensive. The traditional Chinese medicine in the three stages of chronic renal failure prevention, the advantage of modern medicine can not be compared, the overall concept of Chinese medicine, syndrome differentiation and treatment of the principle also makes the doctor can be more "live" to the treatment of patients, So as to achieve a more satisfactory effect.

1, the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of chronic renal failure

Clinically, the patient has a very common idea: Western medicine is very direct, very clear; Chinese medicine too mysterious, too esoteric. Especially in patients with kidney disease - long-term struggle with the disease "veterans", they do not want to think about things that do not understand, but do not want to endlessly waiting for a very slow, cumbersome treatment process, that Chinese medicine too much trouble. But in fact, many Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease patients, their renal function are long-term stability, high quality of life. They are a considerable part of the Western medicine hospital doctors are introduced to try Chinese medicine.

Nephropathy of traditional Chinese medicine mechanism from the kidney, damp heat, blood stasis to explain the ancients that "kidney disease and more virtual", kidney deficiency is the basis of all kidney disease. Kidney deficiency, its fine, gas, yin, yang deficiency, it will produce and its function related to various diseases. And damp heat, blood stasis and other pathological factors can further promote the development of kidney disease, so that the kidney lost turbidity, poisonous evil retention, aggravate the condition. Treatment, the general principles can be summarized as Yishen, Qingli, Huoxue, Xiezhuo, etc., in the treatment of the same time, still need to pay attention to protect the righteousness, care of Wei Qi, to help the disease to the more. Of course, the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, many times still need to use Western medicine to better control blood pressure, blood sugar levels, organic combination of Chinese and Western medicine, can only complement each other.

2, chronic renal failure of traditional Chinese medicine treatment

In layman's terms, chronic renal failure is "poison" in the body can not be excreted through the kidneys, and thus accumulation of disease. Chinese medicine treatment of chronic renal failure is not just soup medicine grievances, other special therapy also includes traditional Chinese medicine intravenous drip, Chinese medicine bath, Chinese medicine enema and many other external therapy. Oral Chinese medicine decoction can be the overall body conditioning, and intravenous drip can play a role in promoting blood circulation, clearing, tonic. Chinese medicine enema is the purpose of toxins from the intestine excreted, to reduce the body discomfort, this method is relatively simple, effective and affordable. Chinese medicine bath is through the role of traditional Chinese medicine steam, so that toxins from the skin excreted, the general patient in the bath often feel the body relaxed and comfortable. These external treatment greatly enriched the treatment of chronic renal failure, combined with other internal therapy, can better stabilize the patient's renal function levels.

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