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The major effect of renal failure on metabolism

2017-11-18 17:22

Uremia stage, metabolic waste accumulation can affect many body systems. Cell function decreased, enzyme activity decreased, water balance, influence on the metabolism of renal failure is mainly manifested in the:

Glucose metabolism disorder: in patients with uremia: blood glucose slightly increased, the increase is different with the pathogenesis of diabetes, diabetes is the absolute or relative insulin secretion, and hyperglycemia in patients with uremia is mainly reduced cells on insulin sensitivity. A certain amount of normal oral glucose, serum insulin also increased accordingly; if patients with diabetes, the increase is more obvious, this shows the need for more insulin than normal cells by glucose. According to reports, the normal endogenous insulin secretion in patients with uremia, exogenous insulin intake was higher than that of normal people in the body to maintain the level of the insulin can be maintained for a long time in the blood of patients with uremia, diabetic patients with chronic uremia, once appear, can reduce the dosage of insulin.

Protein metabolism disorder: protein metabolism of nitrogenous waste, due out in vitro, accumulate in the body, increased blood urea nitrogen. Therefore, in the treatment of patients with uremia, generally limit the intake of protein, malnutrition in patients, patients undergoing long-term hemodialysis, protein intake restriction can be slightly relaxed, the abnormal content of serum amino acids in patients with uremia, some people of some serum amino acid concentration can be higher than the normal 2 to 3 times. On the other hand, serum essential amino acids may be lower than the normal people, the lack of essential amino acids, for the reconstruction of autologous tissue could be greatly affected.

Abnormal fat metabolism: effects of uremia on fat metabolism has not been researched too much, most of known dialysis patients, increased blood glycerin three fat and free fatty acid levels, normal blood cholesterol and phospholipids.


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