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Acute renal failure control water quantity

2017-11-03 17:23

After suffering from acute kidney failure, the patient should control the amount of water, sodium and potassium, etc., for the health of his kidneys or for the relief of the burden on the kidneys. Why do that? In order to help you better understand the causes, our experts have introduced the common sense of controlling water quantity in acute renal failure.

Strictly control the intake of water and sodium, which is a major part of the treatment period. After knowing the loss of the original body fluid, we should adhere to the principle of "measuring out is getting in". Daily urine volume infusion volume for the day before and dominant water loss and non dominant loss of about 400mL (skin, respiratory evaporation in water 700mL minus 300mL).

Dominant dehydration is the total amount of liquid observed in feces, vomiting, exudate, drainage, etc.. Fever, the body temperature increased by 1 degrees each year, should be added to the liquid volume of 100mL. Blood sodium monitoring provides a basis for fluid replacement. Unexplained blood sodium dips suggest excessive intake of fluids, especially excessive input water, which results in hyponatremia.

The increase of blood sodium shows that the water shortage is the cause of concentrated hypernatremia, but there is no need to strictly limit the intake of liquid. Mild patients only need to strictly limit the intake of water, and Oral Sorbitol 30mL laxative cathartic. Obvious excessive water, the above measures are invalid, should be dialysis treatment to dehydration.

Daily weight gain was less than one kilogram, while drinking water was 500~700 milliliters (ML) of the previous day's total urine volume. If the amount of urine the day before is 500ml, then 500cC+500 (7D0) ml=1000 to 1200ml is the amount of water you can drink throughout the day, including boiled water, porridge, milk, soup and drinks. Avoid drinking too much water can water gargle, chewing gum or squeeze a bit of lemon juice to reduce the feeling of thirst, as far as possible will be taking time to concentrate, water consumption, reduce the amount of water.

The above is about the acute renal failure to control the amount of water in the introduction, if you have a disease knowledge need detailed understanding, you can consult our online expert, our experts back to you as soon as possible.

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