What are the methods of prevention of chronic renal failure?

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What are the methods of prevention of chronic renal failure?

2017-06-21 09:51

Chronic renal failure is a common disease we have, there are a lot of people will suffer from kidney failure, a lot of people usually careless, do not know how to protect their health. Long-term maintenance of bad habits, is the most likely to induce chronic kidney failure disease. To avoid suffering from renal failure can start from the prevention start, then, from which aspects can prevent chronic kidney failure?

Prevention of chronic renal failure:

(A) a level of prevention

Primary prevention is an existing kidney disease or may cause primary causes such as chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., for early screening and timely and effective treatment to prevent possible chronic renal insufficiency.

(B) secondary prevention

Secondary prevention is to prevent chronic renal failure continued to progress and sudden increase in chronic renal failure Chi patients, and actively correct lipid metabolism disorders, into the high-quality low-protein diet, control of high blood pressure, to avoid increased factors, suitable for cold, Avoid exogenous, infection. At the same time pay attention to a reasonable diet and rest, in order to effectively prevent the disease progression, promote disease recovery.

(C) three levels of prevention

Third-level prevention is a positive treatment for patients with advanced renal failure in the treatment of healthy search to prevent life-threatening complications such as hyperkalemia, heart failure, severe metabolic acidosis to extend the survival of patients. For China's population so many developing countries, should strengthen the early prevention of chronic renal failure and delay the progress of the disease.

(Iv) follow-up follow-up

Chronic renal failure patients must be regularly followed up, the frequency of treatment should be determined according to the condition, such as whether the high blood pressure, heart failure and residual renal function deterioration rate plus.

The above is only personal opinion, for reference only. If there are questions about chronic kidney failure, you can consult online experts who will answer your questions in detail.

the methods of prevention of chronic renal failure

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