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 The kidneys are a pair of organs located in the back of the abdomen. Each kidney is about 4 or 5 inches long -- about the size of a fist.The kidneys' function are to filter the blood. All the blood in our bodies passes through the kidneys several times a day. The kidneys remove wastes, control the body's fluid balance, and regulate the balance of electrolytes.

  • Suffering from renal cysts pay attention to this point

    Date:2017-03-15 15:04:00

    How to prevent renal cysts? Renal cyst is a congenital hereditary disease, with a certain degree of harm. In daily life, personal bad habits are also easy to cause the occurrence of renal cysts. Therefore, to maintain a good living habits,...

  • Six ways to prevent renal cysts

    Date:2017-03-15 15:02:03

    Prevention of renal cysts? Renal cyst is a common kidney disease, its incidence is very high, seriously endangering peoples normal life and work. In order to avoid the harm of renal cysts, we should strengthen the prevention of renal cysts,...

  • How does summer kidney cysts health care?

    Date:2017-03-15 14:59:51

    How does summer kidney cysts health care? Clinical manifestations of patients suffering from chronic nephritis cold day or the next day will make the recurrence of exacerbations, kidney damage. Acute nephritis generally easy in the cold aft...

  • Renal cyst patients to "scientific life"

    Date:2017-03-15 14:59:10

    Kidney cyst patients just know the disease, the general mood will be very low, the treatment can not be a good match at the same time, in fact, this is not conducive to the control of the disease, then how to do kidney cyst patients do? Fir...

  • Renal cysts health methods and instructions

    Date:2017-03-15 14:57:11

    Can not be light to prevent colds are a systemic disease, can reduce immune function, often secondary infection. According to reports, due to cold and nearly 40% of chronic nephritis symptoms increased, and chronic nephritis is the first ch...

  • What are the direct injuries to our kidneys?

    Date:2017-03-08 14:46:13

    So what will happen in the end? Suffering from kidney cysts will cause us how to directly hurt it? The most direct feeling is that the waist and abdomen feel pain, because as your kidneys on the larger cysts, will directly lead to increased...

  • Got kidney cysts will be cancerous? These you must know!

    Date:2017-03-08 14:45:27

    A few days ago, girlfriend gave me a call, tone with a bit nervous, came up and asked me: physical examination report of the color Doppler ultrasound showed a small cyst on the left kidney, will not change the tumor. After giving her an exp...

  • Physical examination found that renal cysts need treatment?

    Date:2017-03-07 15:49:47

    In recent years, with the continuous increase in the number of healthy population and the extensive application of B-and CT, found a lot of clinical symptoms of renal cyst patients. Renal cyst patients and their families on this accidental...

  • Which people are susceptible to kidney cysts?

    Date:2017-03-07 15:48:48

    Kidney cyst is the size of the kidneys ranging from the outside world is not connected to the cystic mass of the general term, common renal cysts can be divided into adult polycystic kidney disease, simple renal cysts and acquired renal cys...

  • Basic examination of renal cysts

    Date:2017-03-07 15:48:25

    Basic examination of renal cysts 1. Urine examination urine normal, if the capsule oppression of the renal parenchyma or combined with intracapsular infection, urine can be a small amount of red blood cells and white blood cells. The follow...

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