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 The kidneys are a pair of organs located in the back of the abdomen. Each kidney is about 4 or 5 inches long -- about the size of a fist.The kidneys' function are to filter the blood. All the blood in our bodies passes through the kidneys several times a day. The kidneys remove wastes, control the body's fluid balance, and regulate the balance of electrolytes.

  • Renal cysts become dead or cause kidney failure

    Date:2017-03-15 15:34:20

    Nephrotic patients once diagnosed with renal disease hospital renal cysts, there will be such a worry, worry about renal cysts will be cancer?, Worried about the kidney after the cyst can not cure. Kidney disease hospital experts explained...

  • Renal cyst patients how to eat

    Date:2017-03-15 15:32:40

    Clinically, renal cysts is a very common disease, compared with other kidney diseases, the disease is very harmful, but the damage to the body is very large, so after suffering from this disease must be checked early And treatment. In addit...

  • Why some renal cysts without treatment?

    Date:2017-03-15 15:32:11

    With the progress of doctors to detect technology and the popularity of health examination, the detection rate of renal cysts is getting higher and higher. Almost every person who is told to have kidney cysts will ask the doctor the same qu...

  • Will kidney cysts become cancer?

    Date:2017-03-15 15:31:34

    Usually we are overworked in life, often back pain symptoms, so you may have to pay attention, and may be your kidney problems. The frequency of renal cysts is very high, the health hazards of people can not be ignored. To reduce the health...

  • Renal cyst damage can not be ignored

    Date:2017-03-15 15:31:04

    In the hospital, often found that some young people will be diagnosed with renal cysts. They thought kidney cysts only need to live in the hospital a few days can, and this idea is wrong! Renal cysts great harm, the following will be descri...

  • Kidney cysts you should know some knowledge

    Date:2017-03-15 15:30:34

    Kidney cyst is the size of the kidneys ranging from the outside world is not connected to the cyst of the general term. The vast majority of renal cysts are asymptomatic. So this should usually pay attention to a lot, more understanding of...

  • What are the hazards of kidney cysts?

    Date:2017-03-15 15:30:00

    What are the hazards of kidney cysts? Renal cysts are naturally slow to change, and some people have used B-ultrasound for several years to observe and found that only a small part of which changes, mainly the number of increases, followed...

  • Renal cysts and congenital polycystic kidney disease

    Date:2017-03-15 15:29:28

    Renal cysts are based on image detection on the kidney found in a group of echoless liquid dark areas. Which is commonly referred to as blisters. Two of the following said renal cysts, two or more known as polycystic kidney disease, kidneys...

  • Renal cyst "family members"

    Date:2017-03-15 15:28:57

    Renal cyst is divided into polycystic kidney and simple cyst. Polycystic kidney is divided into infant type, pediatric type and adult type, the first two prognosis is not good; adult polycystic kidney disease is a congenital hereditary dise...

  • Kidney cyst is no big deal

    Date:2017-03-15 15:28:22

    Clinical manifestations of renal cysts: the vast majority of renal cysts and no symptoms. Some patients may be due to cyst itself and increased pressure inside the capsule, infection, etc. The following symptoms: ① waist, abdominal discom...

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