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 The kidneys are a pair of organs located in the back of the abdomen. Each kidney is about 4 or 5 inches long -- about the size of a fist.The kidneys' function are to filter the blood. All the blood in our bodies passes through the kidneys several times a day. The kidneys remove wastes, control the body's fluid balance, and regulate the balance of electrolytes.

  • Expert explanation: Note about renal cyst patients

    Date:2017-05-17 14:36:22

    Renal cyst patients need to pay attention to what? Do you have any taboo in your life? Let the Beijing Tong Shantang Treatment Chinese medicine hospital experts for us to explain it. The mentality of the patient with renal cyst Renal cyst p...

  • How do patients with kidney cysts make health care?

    Date:2017-05-17 14:28:43

    Renal cyst is not connected with the outside world of occurrence in kidney size of cystic masses of the general, common renal cysts can be divided into adult type simple renal cysts and polycystic kidney, acquired renal cyst. Renal cystic d...

  • Chronic renal failure diet taboo

    Date:2017-05-14 15:45:27

    Chronic renal failure diet should pay attention to: 1., in order to meet the basic needs of patients on the premise of protein, as far as possible to reduce protein intake, in order to maximize the burden on the kidneys. It is estimated tha...

  • Uremia is getting younger

    Date:2017-05-12 19:22:02

    According to statistics, 10 to 30 years old uremic patients accounted for 40% of the total uremic patients, and now uremia is to become younger. Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital experts pointed out that uremia is now toward the younger,...

  • Waist soreness pain may be hydronephrosis

    Date:2017-05-12 19:21:27

    Cause a lot of reasons for waist soreness, especially the hydronephrosis, the common symptoms of waist pain. Most patients showed pain in the waist or lower abdomen, according to the speed of obstruction occurred in severe cramps, pain or p...

  • What are the symptoms of renal cysts?

    Date:2017-05-12 19:20:30

    The vast majority of renal cysts are asymptomatic. Physical examination is mostly normal, even in the kidney area can be touched or knock and a mass. If the cyst occurs when the infection, the abdomen may have tenderness. Cysts are huge, in...

  • What symptom predicts kidney cyst?

    Date:2017-05-06 16:52:34

    Double kidney cyst is renal cyst, but double kidney cyst is bilateral cyst. Many people do not know what their common symptoms, their illness is not clear, the following is the main common symptoms. 1 Hematuria. Divided into microscopic hem...

  • What is the harm of kidney cyst?

    Date:2017-03-23 15:06:24

    1、The biggest harmness is causing renal failure uremia. 2、Cyst has the possibility of canceration. 3、If the renal cyst cant treat timely, will cause serious question. The enlargement of renal cyst will influence renal cyst, and with t...

  • Analysis: polycystic kidney and renal cyst

    Date:2017-03-15 17:28:12

    Polycystic kidney and renal cyst is the most common two types of cystic kidney disease, and renal medulla cyst, acquired renal cyst, etc.Polycystic kidney in renal cortex and medulla is a genetic kidney disease of countless cysts, common is...

  • Renal cyst is a congenital disease

    Date:2017-03-15 17:27:34

    Polycystic kidney is a congenital disease, it is a congenital genetic kidney.Bilateral renal cortex medulla can be accumulated, but can be different.Genetic way show the autosomal dominant and autosomal recessive two kinds. Autosomal domina...

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