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No timely renal cyst treatment may cause cancer

2018-01-27 16:36

Renal cyst is a common kidney disease in life, while causing great harm to patients and families. If the renal cyst is not treated promptly, it may cause serious problems. Renal cyst increases will also affect the renal function, accompanied by urinary protein, urine sub-sedan, hypertension, renal insufficiency and other complications, severe cases can cause renal failure or even uremia.

No timely renal cyst treatment may cause cancer

If the renal cysts can not be treated promptly, as the disease continues to worsen, patients will face the invasion of cancer. When the patient's renal pain or (and) changes in the rules of hematuria, weight loss, ESR, anemia does not meet with renal function appears, or erythrocytosis, should be combined with renal cell carcinoma, as early as CT diagnosis, if necessary Need for renal artery angiography.

Renal cyst treatment: ultrasound intervention

Ultrasound-guided treatment is guided by ultrasound, the needle directly through the abdominal wall puncture into the diseased tissue, injection of liquid so that lesions in situ inactivation, atrophy, fibrosis treatment. It is characterized by no trauma, no bleeding, no pain, safety, good curative effect, convenient and quick operation, go with the medications and low cost.

As the infection is an important cause of the deterioration of the disease, it is not necessary, do not conduct traumatic urinary tract tests. Renal cyst puncture little effect, not only easy to be infected, easy to relapse, but also can not delay the observation of the occurrence of renal damage. Surgical resection of the cyst is not an easy task, because the cysts on the surface of the kidney can be cut off, but to remove the deep cysts buried in the kidney is quite difficult.

Surgical exploration of large and malignant tumors may be, if confirmed as benign cysts, the surface of the renal wall can be excised, the edge of the intestine and parenchymal continuous suture, residual wall coated with iodine. Side of the extensive destruction of renal parenchyma, normal contralateral kidney function, viable nephrectomy. If bilateral polycystic kidney, you need to transplant a healthy kidneys, and then cut off two polycystic kidney. So far this medicine may be the best way to treat severe polycystic kidney disease.

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