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Extensive care for acute renal failure

2017-10-16 16:41

Many nursing staff who take care of acute renal failure face different symptoms of the disease, often gestures, can only take the most commonly used care measures, but can not be targeted to the patient to help, then the real meaning of nursing is lost. Here we have a detailed understanding of the daily care of acute renal failure.

1.Regular disinfection is necessary: Disinfect the air regularly to prevent the patient from getting infected.

2. Single room to fresh air: patients should go to the single room, and the room should be clean and tidy, fresh air.

3. acute renal failure care points is to pay attention to diet taboo of patient: acute renal failure patients should be given high fever, high vitamin, low salt, low protein, digestible diet, and to avoid eating food rich high potassium, to prevent the occurrence of hyperkalemia.

4. bed rest to be complete: acute renal failure care points, for coma patients to take protective measures, completely let bed rest, and pay attention to prevent falling bed. The patient may be active during recovery.

5. Application of drugs to be timely: acute renal failure care points in the application of all kinds of essential drugs, to be timely and accurate, and to closely observe the treatment effect. Be careful to disable drugs that are toxic to the kidneys.

6. Speaking of health should pay attention to: the patient should also strengthen the oral care, often mouthwash, keep the mouth clean, to avoid mouth ulcers and stomatitis. While preventing skin infections.

The above is the introduction related to the focus on the daily care of acute renal failure, if you need to have a detailed understanding, you can consult our online experts, our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

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