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Does renal cyst affect renal function? How to prevent renal

2017-09-22 16:05

Many people have always thought that simple cysts do not affect renal function. But the image of kidney CT examination analysis showed that the age, gender, primary kidney disease after correcting renal cyst patients had higher serum creatinine than patients with renal cyst, cyst and quantity are more, the higher the level of serum creatinine. This result suggests that simple renal cysts may have an impact on renal function.

How to prevent renal cyst?

1, pay attention to oral hygiene: pay attention to oral cavity cleaning in the morning and evening and after meal , remove bad breath, reduce bacteria breeding and decomposition.

2, promote the body and mind to rest: regular blood pressure measurements, according to changes in blood pressure, increase bed rest time.

3, strengthen the skin conditioning: how to prevent renal cysts, but also to avoid skin infections, reduce the skin irritation. Bedding, if not regularly washed, may appear itching discomfort, not only will affect the sleep, if scratched after the skin will also be infected, so usually should change sheets and underwear frequently.

4, mental and psychological conditioning: the treatment of kidney disease is a long process, it is easy to repeat if not properly taken care of. Therefore, patients should relax their mind, exclude negative thoughts, establish confidence in the fight against disease, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, and restore kidney health as soon as possible.

Does renal cyst affect renal function? How to prevent renal cyst?
Does renal cyst affect renal function? How to prevent renal cyst?

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